This is an aromatic, wildly scented rose, growing up to one metre high. The shrub grows mostly on soils with a higher magnesium content. The plant is characterised by its high polyphenol content. The high content of various phenols concentrated in this rose makes it a very valuable plant for the human body. The complex of these substances reduces the ability of viruses to penetrate the cell, even in viruses with the highest virulence (i.e. the ability to penetrate and multiply in the cell). The antioxidant effect of these secondary plant substances is the most studied. These substances neutralise free radicals and thus support the human body’s defence system. Cistus Incanus is useful in the prevention of viral diseases in people weakened by temperature fluctuations, pressure, dietary errors, overwork and other overload (which appears as a wave of “flu” infections). For the best defense against disease-causing microorganisms is a well-functioning immune system. Cistus Incanus is tried and tested, clinically proven, even in working conditions.

Recent research on this plant has produced surprising results. Cells that were misted with Cistus – extract in the laboratory showed far less threat of viruses than normal cells. This research was carried out by the Centre for Molecular Virology of the University of Muenster and the renowned Friedrich-Loefler-Institut and came to the same results.

The Friedrich-Loefler-Institut came to the following conclusions:

From the scientists’ statement:The high polyphenol content is responsible for the efficacy of the extract from this Mediterranean rose. This extract provides a chemical-physical defence that has a virus-reducing effect. Or simply put: polyphenols prevent the efficient penetration of the virus into the cell.

Scientists believe that the optimal combination of the particularly potent natural substances of this aromatic, somewhat bitter-tasting extract make this rose a special k.o.-dropper for all virus groups. Even highly aggressive viruses that have been confronted with this extract have shown almost no infectious potential.

Other effects: