According to ancient Chinese writings, it was used as a medicine as early as 4,000 years ago. In ancient China, it was ranked as more valuable than ginseng (zhen shen). Its use was reserved only for emperors in Southeast Asia, Japan and China.

Almost everything that was known and described at that time about the effects of reishi has been accurately measured, proven and confirmed by current scientific studies. That is why it is often referred to as the so-called “miracle mushroom” or “divine mushroom of immortality”.

General characteristics of REISHI

The Reishi mushroom is found in different varieties (red, purple, blue, yellow, black and white), of which the most valuable – for therapeutic purposes – is the recognised colour red. On the surface of the mushroom there are whitish pores, which, as the individual ages, change colour to a brownish brown. The stalk takes the form of a bent, shiny, red tube, ranging in size from 50-120 x 10-20mm. There are also individuals without a foot, in which the cap is attached directly to the substrate. The spores of Reishi mushroom are oval in shape, yellow-brown in colour and are the most active pharmacological part of the mushroom. They show approximately 75 times higher activity in relation to the fruiting bodies. Ganoderma is mainly found on dead branches of deciduous trees. It is relatively rare in nature and can be found in Asia, South America, Europe and North America. Currently, the fungus is cultivated in strict conditions, simulating the environment of the forests of ancient China. As a result, today we can treat ourselves in the same way as the god-chosen emperors of old.


It has a large number of substances of extraordinary properties and is used in traditional Chinese medicine as one of the most valuable therapeutics. It contains all the 8 essential amino acids, triterpenes, adenosine and also has a high content of iron, selenium, vitamin B. It is due to this composition that it has anti-cancer properties, suppresses allergy symptoms, has anti-inflammatory properties and works as a prevention against bacterial and viral diseases. Its high content of polysaccharides significantly strengthens the immune system. In Japan, reishi is therefore also used as a treatment for cancer or as part of subsequent radio or chemotherapy therapy.

Not all the active substances have been analysed yet, but clinical trials have already been carried out with most of them and some have proved to be highly effective. Especially polysaccharides and triterpenes are particularly active.

Polysaccharides induce increased macrophage activity in the immune system – they have been shown on several occasions to have a tumour-suppressing and immune-stabilising effect. Reishi possesses some of the most potent bioactive polysaccharides yet found in medicinal plants.

Triterpenes have blood pressure lowering and anti-allergic effects.

Adenosine inhibits platelet clumping, acts on the dilation of peripheral blood vessels and generally on the autonomic nervous system, which is co-responsible for the curative and preventive effect of reishi in migraine and in coronary and peripheral vascular disorders.

Use of REISHI in treatment and prevention

Cancer may herald the arrival of a new era in cancer prevention and treatment. Cancer may herald the arrival of a new era in cancer prevention and treatment.

Ganoderma has anticancer effects due to the polysaccharides contained in its composition. They are composed of millions of atoms, which makes them difficult to assimilate by the human body. Thanks to the use of vitamin C, it is possible to reduce their levels and thus facilitate their assimilation. Polysaccharides are converted into low molecular number oligoglycans and are therefore more easily absorbed, stimulating the work of macrophages, which form an integral part of the immune system and greatly enhancing its defensive properties. Macrophages, in contrast to white blood cells, which show limited effects in the case of long-term or insidious diseases, are capable of destroying pathogenic factors, including cancer cells.

REISHI has anti-tumour effects and stimulates the immune system, which greatly enhances the quality of life of cancer sufferers. It reduces the symptoms of the disease and helps the self-healing process. In Japan, for this reason, reishi is used as prevention, treatment and therapy in oncology.

It has an excellent effect on the circulatory system. It increases blood flow as it inhibits blood clotting and thus reduces the risk of thrombosis, lowers cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, the heart muscle is able to function more efficiently with a lower oxygen supply, calms the nervous system, relieves pain, treats arthritis, insomnia, hypertension, asthma, bronchitis, angina and improves the immune system. It has antiseptic properties, helps with certain liver problems.


The scientific world of the West has different criteria for proving the effectiveness of preparations than the East. In the West, exact clinical studies are valid, in the East, it is enough as proof that Reishi has helped millions of people over the last 4000 years. The only problem is that this help has not been documented in writing. Many clinics in Asia are now conducting studies to document the effects of reishi. However, the areas of application are so vast that it will take more years before costly trials can be used.

Recall a time twenty years ago when acupuncture was considered a questionable method, and today even graduate doctors from Western countries go to China for several semesters to learn how to treat with needles.

Current research confirms that the ingredients contained in the Reishi mushroom have a positive effect on improving the quality of health and prolonging life. Ganoderma exhibits the following effects: anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, anti-allergic,antiviral, anti-cancer, hypoglycemic and stimulates immunity.

For decades, classical cancer therapy has known three steps to free the patient from diseased cells – namely surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Since some time, it has increasingly relied on the fourth pillar. By this we mean substances that promote positive reactions of the body.

The effect of Reishi on the organism attacked by tumor growth:

The unique properties and composition of the Reishi mushroom can restore your lost balance and keep you in good physical and mental condition until old age.