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Experience with people

Allergies, asthma

Mr. Vladimír M. Teplice

I am an athlete and I have been making sure my body gets what it needs all my life. At the age of 36 I started to be allergic to spring pollen. The allergy manifested itself in the months of February to April with itching and burning in the eyes and mouth and was accompanied by severe rhinitis and swelling around the eyes. I received regular injections from an allergy specialist doctor every six months. Nevertheless, these conditions worsened every year, and in addition, allergies to foods such as carrots, peas, peanuts, cherries and others were added. After 7 years of these conditions, asthma was added to the mix and I had to breathe through an oral machine into my lungs some medication in the form of a powder. The doctor assured me that this was a normal condition and that corticosteroids would always help to dampen the allergic conditions, but I would not get rid of it and as a disease of civilization it would get progressively worse! Awesome prospect for the future! At the age of 46, that is after ten years of allergic and asthmatic conditions, I came across a natural Aloe Vera product for drinking in gel quality, i.e. more than 90% live texture, through a friend. I was familiar with the effectiveness of this drink on the body. I dosed as recommended 3 times a day 30ml. Within 5 days there was a strong diuretic reaction, especially at night.

I thought I had prostate problems, but the right reason was that I started cleansing my body from toxic substances and poisons and especially allergens with the help of Aloe Vera. The symptoms of frequent peeing soon stopped and were replaced by mild symptoms of rash and burning in my eyes and mouth. This went on for another 14 days or so. During that time, I maintained the same daily dose and increased my drinking intake by 2 litres more per day on recommendation. Overall, I started to feel very good after a month. In 5 months I drank 10 litres of Aloe Vera gel at the stated doses. The result was incredible – my asthma and allergy symptoms disappeared. Since then I still feel great – no injections, no corticosteroids, no burning and itching and I can eat everything without any problems. I continue to drink Aloe Vera gel, of course. It is as commonplace for me as drinking tea or water, but with the difference of a much higher quality of my health.

Atopic eczema

Mrs. M.P. from Chomutov

I started using Aloe Vera gel about four years ago, more out of curiosity and as a prevention than as a necessity for health reasons. About two years later I got pregnant and as a first-time mother in her late thirties I had to undergo a lot of tests and blood tests. I was surprised that whenever I went to get the results, everywhere I went they were a bit amazed and said “You have such beautiful readings, we haven’t seen that in a long time.” So I don’t know if it was the regular use of Aloe gel? However, despite all the good results from all the tests and a completely uneventful pregnancy, I was told after my son was born that the baby had very sensitive skin and atopic eczema and would have problems with this. Soon after coming home from the hospital I found out that we couldn’t use any baby cosmetics, even diapers, even for sensitive skin.

Eventually, through trial and error, we settled on branded and not-so-cheap diapers, but my son was problem-free. It was worse with cosmetics. So on recommendation we tried baby cosmetics with Aloe, shower shampoo, after bath lotion and bath foam. It took a while, but I have to say that since then my son has clean skin and is problem free. Yes, occasionally there is a spot or pimple on his back or forearm (we go to the pool often, sometimes three times a week), but all we have to do is to rub more milk or Propolis cream after bathing and in a few days everything is fine again. True, the price of these products isn’t exactly small, especially for moms on maternity leave, but by being quality products, they last a long time again. For example, with a washing gel or bath foam, you really only need a little and you have a lot of foam. But my son’s health and well-being is worth all the money to me.

Tongue ulcers

Retired, Prague

In April 2008 I was diagnosed with Bérc ulcers, treatment from the doctor helped to stop the ulcers from spreading, but they did not heal. In April 2009 I started taking Aloe Vera gel twice a day 30ml. I rubbed Aloe Vera Gel into the wound and sprayed my legs with Aloe Vera spray. The sores slowly healed and have been healed since July 2009. Now I drink 30ml 1x a day. I am happy and can walk among people.

Cervical dysplasia

Lady from Chomutov

In the summer of 2007, I was diagnosed with severe grade 3 dysplasia on cervical smears.
I was suggested to have a cervical conization (removal). At that time I met a lady and she recommended a doctor who deals with phytotherapy. The doctor prescribed me Aloe Vera gel 3 times a day half a decilitre and also Aloe Vera concentrate for insertion into the vagina. I agreed with my gynaecologist to postpone the procedure for 2 months. After drinking 6 bottles of Aloe Vera gel, I went for a follow up smear and it was found that no surgery was needed as the result was negative. After a few months, I went for check smears again, also with a negative result. I have been drinking Aloe Vera gel for 2 years now. I would also like to say that in 2007 I had Achilles tendonitis, swollen ankles and also knee problems – grade 2-3 arthritis. As soon as I started drinking Aloe Vera, the swelling in my feet went down.

Chronic mycosis

Miss 30years old, Prague

I have been diagnosed with chronic mycosis since I was 16 years old, changed 4 doctors, changed underwear, but still walked with a slip for half a year (strong repeated discharges). Treatment 6 times a year with berries, mycosis medication, antibacterial soap.

In March 2009 I started taking AV gel 3 times a day and by June 2009 I was discharge and mycosis symptom free.

Chronic rhinitis

Mr. Jiří R. Ústí nad Labem

My problem was my nose. I suffered from swollen nasal mucosa for a very long time. It was hard to breathe through my nose and sometimes it was so bad that I could not use my nose at all. The patency was very low and quite often none at all. The only deliverance was to use nasal drops several times during the day. Influenced by TV commercials, I used nose drops as much as I could. I couldn’t imagine leaving home without these drops. There was nothing to be done about a stuffy nose. Not to work, not to play, and certainly not to play sports. You’re not focused on anything and your existence is very limited. This problem lasted 5 long years. After learning about Aloe Vera and on the advice of one of the doctors, I started to put a first aid spray with an extract of this plant in my nose instead of nose drops. True, the treatment took a little longer, but the result was there. I also know that natural products are not addictive and, most importantly, do not harm the tissues. My problem was not only in the nasal mucosa, but was deeper. Therefore, I started drinking Aloe Vera gel, which not only accelerated the treatment, but also improved its quality. Not to mention that I solved other problems that were bothering me. This story of mine is very short, but the result is absolutely great. Today I don’t put anything up my nose anymore. Only during periods of higher incidence of respiratory illness, when I can’t avoid it, then I use the already proven spray.


Mr. Petr F. Prague

I have to tell you that I was on the verge of being sick! Some flu bug was crawling on me or something… So I classically sprayed a throat spray, took 1-0-1 Tbl. Cistus Incanus. Still nothing, I was working at the cottage for the weekend, waiting to go sick. Monday I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to see a friend who recommended Cistus! And lo and behold I learned that in such a flu attack I should put on large doses!!! The polyphenols from Cistus coat our cells and protect them from being attacked by the VIRUS so that it cannot reproduce further. This is because viruses multiply within the cell and very quickly overwhelm our body. When we take mega doses of Cistus, they will no longer spread into our body and our immune system will digest the viruses. So I put on 2Tbl. after 4 hours and after the first day of taking it the flu subsided… I finish the pack and OK! I’m really surprised, otherwise I would have been on antibiotics… Fuuujjj…


Mr. Zdeněk L. Plzen

Our child suffers from laryngitis. Surely everyone who has experienced this problem with their child knows how unpleasant it is. The child usually starts coughing after midnight and has trouble breathing. It usually ends up in the emergency room where the child is given a corticosteroid suppository and an inhaler. It can go on for days. When we experienced this with our son as well, we immediately thought to go to the ER. But as a first aid we tried giving 3 tablespoons of Colostrum. My son calmed down a bit, so we waited a bit longer. After a while we gave 3 tablespoons again and it was a little better again. So we repeated the whole procedure after a few moments, breathing with the window open. Around 4am we all fell asleep from tiredness. At six we were awakened by our hyperactive baby jumping on the bed as if nothing had happened, clearing his throat beautifully. Next, we served a spoonful of soup 3 times a day until recess. Our son was completely fit.

Ulcerative colitis

Mr. Jiri from Pilsen

My son, class of 1975, fell ill with ulcerative colitis shortly after graduating from college. Those who know what we are talking about know that it is a very insidious disease. It seems that the person is cured, but the disease has hidden in the background for the time being, but at an unexpected moment it strikes again. According to the doctors, attacks of the disease always appear after about 10 years. And that’s what happened to my son. After returning from the hospital, even with relative rest and dietary measures, he still suffered from abdominal pain and urinary tract infections. At that time my doctor offered me aloe vera gel, which I tried first on myself and when I saw that it really worked (years of digestive problems disappeared in a few days), I tried to convince my son of the suitability of aloe treatment. Considering his age and young nature, this was very difficult, he considered me a “granny rooter”. But in the end he was convinced. Since I knew the effects of the gel, I immediately ordered 6 bottles and my son’s bark began. I’ll cut the ending very short. This is the third year that my son has been taking aloi regularly and enjoying life as well. In addition to the aloe, a new product came on the market during the course of treatment – Colostrum, which he added to the aloe. In the spring of the following year, he discovered that he had also gotten rid of his years-long allergy to pollen and grasses. Initially a skeptic, he began recommending the gel and other aloe vera products to his friends and all those who confided in him about their health woes. His health has stabilized and I only wish, as he does, that it would stay that way. And aloe, it will always be in our home.

Chronic pancreatitis

Mrs. Jaroslava from Pilsen

I am 59 years old and have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis for almost twenty years. The years after the onset of the disease were harsh, but gradually I learned to live with the disease and thanks to dietary measures and medication I managed my illness somehow. However, I did not avoid conditions when after a small dietary mistake, stress or in spring and autumn I felt a “heavy cold stone” in my stomach, I suffered from lack of appetite, I lost weight, I had pain. I also “caught” every virus thanks to the weakening of my body. Added to that were problems with menopause, vaginal mycoses. In 2007, when I could not eat or drink for 4 months without bitter aftertaste, I discovered aloe vera gel at my gynecologist. Although I had tried aloe vera products from various companies by then, this one won me over with its taste and quality the first time. After four months of suffering, after 10 days of regular use of aloe vera gel (30 ml 3 times a day), I started eating normally and my problems were gone. It seemed unbelievable. I continued taking aloe and in time even my gynaecological difficulties disappeared and what is more, I bravely started resisting all my sizzling colleagues during the flu season. Over time, I supplemented the aloe vera gel with other products from the company (I cured my mother’s bedsore with the 1st Aid spray) and I have remained loyal to aloe ever since. It is synonymous with health for me.

Bacillus haemophilus

Mrs. Alžběta P. Chomutov

My eight-year-old grandson was constantly sick, constantly going to doctors, until my bride forced a bigger examination. So he went for a throat swab and blood draw. The result came, it was found that he had the bacillus HEMOPHILUS. This didn’t mean anything to us, but after the doctor explained, she put us on antibiotics. I did not delay and immediately took AV gel and AV first aid + phone number of the Phyto-doctor. The bride didn’t want her grandson to take antibiotics so she called right away. She contacted the doctor who advised as follows.

“If-you don’t want to give antibiotics then give Aloe Vera gel, Aloe Vera first aid and Colostrum in liquid form”. I didn’t have Colostrum. He said, “never mind, we’ll order it and you’ll have it in two days”. He immediately put on a dosage of AV gel and AV first aid which worked immediately, then added Colostrum. Soon after, the boy went for a check-up and the result was nil, much to the doctor’s surprise. When the bride explained everything, she had to bring the Colostrum product to show her. Now he was back for a blood draw and the result was again excellent to the delight of his parents and grandmother. My joy is doubled. Firstly, that I could help a boy who has his life ahead of him and secondly, that I am not spreading the effects of phytopharmaceuticals in vain but can help my family and others.

Severe atopic eczema

Mrs. Jaroslava K. Velka Cernoc

My son Tony has been suffering from atopic eczema since birth.

No one who hasn’t seen it with their own eyes can imagine how such a child suffers and with him, of course, the closest surroundings. Almost constantly such a little man scratches himself, because eczema itches terribly.

Tony has often scratched himself until he bleeds. The gloves didn’t solve anything, because he could use them to tear his face so much that it looked like a burn. I had no choice but to tie his little hands to his body to stop him from scratching. It’s horrible to see my child suffer and not be able to relieve him. I practically tied him up like that until he was 18 months old. Often, I have talked to people about eczema and we have tried various things they have advised, mostly without much success. The doctors I commuted to didn’t help us much. They practically had only one piece of advice for us. To be patient and expect that hopefully he would grow out of it in time. After one hospital stay, I met a friend and he recommended that we try Aloe Vera and that I contact his friend. I thought why not, it’s a natural product, maybe it will finally be the one. This lady got in touch with her colleagues who came to me personally, explained exactly how the products work and most importantly how to dose it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people suddenly wanted to help us. REALLY HELP. I mean that with absolutely no exaggeration. As my financial situation was not good at all at this time, arranged financial support for my Tony from the FYTOHELP association, thank you all very, very much from the bottom of my heart.

I am still in contact with these people and they are still helping me and experiencing the sorrow and joy with us. Finally we have a reason to be happy. Thanks to phytotherapy, Tony is now 85% better than he used to be. I can’t get enough of COLOSTRUM, which helped the little one with his immunity.

We are not using it at the moment, let the little body try to fight on its own. However, I still keep one pack on hand in case the little one starts to get worse so I can give it to him again and help him fight the eczema. ALOE VERA CONCENTRATE helps Tony a lot. I use it to rub the places where the eczema still shows up now and then. Seaweed cream, which I use once a day all over his body. ALOE VERA first aid spray is almost indispensable for us. I spray every scratch with it and I can see that his wounds are healing much better. During the hot weather that we had, I would sometimes rub this on him when he started scratching and after a while you could see that he was relieved.

Thank you to the coincidence that sent the folks from and their great products my way.

Thank you all very much.



My father was invited for a prostate cancer screening check, the doctor suddenly found an elevated value. It was 9.9. Even with a value higher than 4, cancer is already suspected. In addition, the prostate was still found to be hard and the doctor explained that the hardness was very unfavorable in conjunction with the high value. So he was given another follow-up tissue sampling in another 14 days.

In these 14 days my father started taking aloe vera in doses of 60 ml 3 times a day. In addition, he did an enema with 30 ml of aloe vera gel 2 times a day. After a few days of aloe vera intake and additional enema, he noticed improvement in urination. He felt much more active now. Then came the day of the tissue sample collection. A few days later we got the results of the tissue sample, it was amazing, everything was fine.

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Edwin W.

Wonder how aloe vera gel and RS fit together?

I have suffered from MS since 1991, a disease resulting in numbness in my hands and feet, paralysis in my lower extremities, hospitalization, treatment with cortisone and other serious drug pills. These drugs should actually bring me relief, but I have had to put up with a myriad of side effects. By that time, I had lost much of my quality of life. In 2002, I learned from a good friend about Aloe vera. Using this gel, my condition improved. I felt relief in the movement of my legs. My blood pressure stabilized at 140 over 80. Further, I had no more cramps. In short, since I have been drinking aloe vera gel regularly, I am symptom free.

Radiation therapy for cancer

Helene S.

Why do I drink Aloe vera gel with honey every day? The reason is that I have plasmacytoma (blood cancer) which is in my bones. After taking Aloe, my digestion is fine so I can eat whatever I want. Previously when they gave me radiation I had severe nausea, heartburn and gallbladder colic.

On top of that, I’ve had viruses in my eyes for about 10 years. Prognosis: incurable, can lead to blindness. Now after taking aloe vera I can read the newspaper too.


Kristian U.

Experience with aloe vera gel.

Thanks to the Aloe vera recommendation, I have had no side effects during my chemotherapy. I started 4 weeks before chemotherapy drinking 100 ml of gel daily, I noticed after 2 weeks that I am not tired and have more strength and energy. I also suffered before I drank aloe vera gel from high blood pressure and had to take tablets for this. Now I am on doctor’s advice without them and have normal blood pressure. Thanks to Aloe Vera .

Acne vulgaris

V. K. 31 years old

I have had a different dermatologist every year since I was 15 due to acne. And I heard the same thing from everyone after a while… “I have nothing to offer you….”

Luckily, I learned about phytotherapy and consulted a doctor from phytopharmak by phone. The basic advice was notoriously familiar to me –

Hands off your face! Regular cleansing (2 times a month professionally). Limit sun exposure – it has a comedonal effect, otherwise factor 50 in the sun. No dairy, refined sugar. However, what helped me the most from the advice was setting just phytotherapy. Doctor recommended taking AVG Freedom 6 bottles for 12-16 weeks + Super Omega 3plus 3 times a day 1 tablet. After 16 weeks he changed to Mind Master 1x daily 60ml. With the combination of 60ml. AVG Sivera. Topically treated for one month with Microsilver skin series 2x daily (wash emulsion + cream ) and took a month off. During this time after use Aloe washing emulsion and then repeat again. You might say a bit complicated, but the result! After a few years beautiful clear skin 🙂

Shoulder surgery

Three summers ago I had surgery on my left shoulder (rotator cuff). I was unable to move my arm for a long time, every movement was accompanied by unbelievable pain, pills didn’t work, not even Coenzim Q10, which I took before and after the operation, but the effect was negligible and the post-operative problem (probably reaction to anaesthesia) with my stomach, not to mention, so I don’t like to remember it. On Friday, May 20, 2016, I had the same surgery but on my right shoulder. I’ve been taking regular joint freedom for a year now, but even so, three weeks before the surgery I took two capsules of colostrum a day and waited to see what would happen after the surgery, of course I was worried about post-op stomach problems and also a lot of pain in the operated shoulder. To my great surprise there were no stomach problems and the pain in the shoulder was about half that of the first operation, but the main thing is that the mobility of the arm is very good and this is five days after the operation. I am writing this email with the operated arm and no problems, the mobility is very good in my opinion and the main pain is just sort of from a distance.

Thank you to colostrum and to you Mrs Petro for being able to convince me to start using LR products.

Have a nice day Stefan.


H. J. Prague

I am 52 years old and have had urinary tract problems since I was young. I had my first surgery at the age of 12 and then 3 more surgeries followed. At the age of 21 I had 1 kidney removed and incontinence has been with me all my life.

I have been to various doctors and have always been given medication which has had unpleasant side effects, but unfortunately nothing where it should have helped. I started looking for a healer. I drank several hectolitres of various medicinal teas and there was no result. Then various therapies were recommended to me saying it was a psychosomatic problem, so I went through several “guaranteed therapies” and nothing. Then that I should exercise and strengthen my pelvic floor. I went to the gym and exercised really regularly and nothing.

A month ago, by complete coincidence, I got into LR through a friend and I didn’t want to deal with this lifelong problem of mine. My hips were hurting so he recommended Aloe vera freedom and I also bought Woman phyto activ for my hot flashes and sweating.

And believe it or not, my hips don’t hurt, I don’t sweat and I don’t have hot flashes, and as a cherry on top I didn’t count on, my “friend” incontinence has improved by about 50%. I’m so excited about it, I can’t even describe it. And I have to point out that I’ve only been taking these miracles for a month. I’m giving it one more month and I’ll say goodbye to my “friend” forever. I believe it.

On another note, I also brush my teeth with Aloe vera toothpaste and it’s amazing. When I was eating whole wheat bread with seeds before, all my teeth hurt, I told my dentist and she advised me not to eat it, so I figured that’s not the way to go and started using this paste and now I can bite everything I want. I am so excited about all of this, these are great products.

Anyone who hasn’t tried it won’t know it. I wish everyone good health and much success in life.

Asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol

The gentleman from Pilsen

Hi Petya, I don’t have to dilute my blood anymore, I’m doing aloi every day ;o)) Thanks to it I’m doing kickboxing, tango and 3 other sports ;o))) I’m going to try it with my sister in Hungary, she has problems with her discs.

And importantly… Hepatologist crossed me off the register, he said my liver is like an 18 year old boy, cholesterol, fats absolutely beautiful, even my blood pressure dropped from 140/90 to 120/80. Movement helps a lot too, but aloe definitely helped to clear my blood. I am convinced of it. I also don’t take medication for stomach acidity, and my asthmatic doesn’t want to believe I had any breathing problems… So I’m successfully stopping seeing doctors to get my records crossed off. Because there is NOTHING wrong with me ;o)))))

And the feeling of energy I have is indescribable. I don’t turn on the TV at all because I’m always flying around doing something, some activity. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I went to that meeting with you that day. It changed my life completely ;o) Yes, sometimes my knee kicks in, something hurts, but I know what to do. Trust yourself, take aloe and it will deal with the internal inflammation.

I’ve also tried Aloe concentrate for burns I got in the Giant Mountains because I didn’t lubricate and the corners of my head got badly burned. After a week you wouldn’t have known I had pink flesh on there, because like a proper intelligent person I peeled it off the day after the burn and it stayed completely pink. It burned like hell, but the aloe helped…

Paa. And good health to you and your family ;o))))


Patient 55 years old

From the Phytomedical record

Fracture of prox. end of tibia intra-articular, according to CT it was decided to proceed cons. after 6 weeks of plaster cast the fracture line fully healed, after another 3 weeks full movement in the knee, otherwise normal treatment for half a year. Patient with stage 3 arthrosis after 6 AVG F – at his own request removed from the waiting list for impl. Knee TEP.

LR partner’s husband – advanced degener. hip changes/AVG Freedom + capsules/, leading effect again blue is good….


Jitka Sotonová – Plzeň

I discovered the power of ALOE from LR Health & Beauty when I had to stay at home with arthritis.

My left knee gave out completely and I couldn’t walk or bend it. I’m an athletic person and my life is all about movement. I couldn’t imagine staying home at 50, not doing yoga, not biking, and not hiking. It was no longer possible to do a job that required movement and I didn’t let this helplessness and hopelessness into my life.

At the doctor’s office, I was recommended Ibalgin for the pain, which I don’t use due to its harmful effect on the body, and a selection of joint medications available on the market. As I am inclined to pure products from nature, I decided to use a product from LR Health & Beauty – ALOE FREEDOM Gel. I am very happy that I took this step because it has had a major impact on my future life.I was very skeptical about its effect, but I am thankful for my knowledge and its benefits on the body. Today I am walking, I have no pain, my skin is improving and I don’t have the allergic manifestations on my skin that I had in earlier years after other medications. The relief I feel with the first litre of Aloe Freedom gel is due to the fact that this disease has not fully developed.

I will definitely use Aloe from this company regularly and recommend all other products as well. Thank you to the people who bring these products into our lives and to Petra Neradova, her love for this plant helped me make the right decision. Petrushka and I are in love with Aloe today!!!!!!!!!!

Say yes to Aloe, say yes to life.

I take responsibility for this review.

Breast cancer


I’m 52 years old and I’ve had experience with LR products since 2010 when I used them as a customer , I had musculoskeletal problems, female problems, latent tetany and thanks to liquid colostrum, aloi Freed om and then other health, beauty, and earning products, I totally fell for the products.

So when the doctor in the mammology clinic , during a preventive check-up on 27.5.2015, told me that I had a lesion in HZQ dx. of ambiguous nature and ordered me to have a biopsy and 17.6. I did not hesitate for a minute and after consulting with MUDr. Hanzelka, I ordered colostrum reishi, vitaactiv and took it in large doses and I am still taking it today.

The surgery was performed on 29.7.2015 , the next day I was discharged to home treatment and waited for the results.

The tumor was removed, sentinel nodes were removed with it, three (2 sentinel) micrometastases in both sentinel nodes were examined.

17.8.2015- January 2016 chemotherapy,22.2.2016 radiotherapy – radiation (33 doses,every day), trastuzumab planned for one year, started 11.11.2015

On 20.7.2016 I stopped the treatment at my own request,due to the cardiotoxic substance Trastuzumab, during the ECHU control a decrease from EF 60% to 35% was detected – side effect of the treatment.

Why am I writing all this, Mr. Emeritus Chief Medical Officer MUDr Charvas always says one sentence at a seminar with doctors, we all have cancer in us and everyone will get it at some point, one in four will die from it.

I say, cancer is nowadays something like appendix surgery, but there are still people who are ashamed of cancer, afraid to talk about it, but there is no reason, it is a disease like any other and with LR products we can both mitigate its effects and deal with prevention to prevent this condition from occurring.

Yes, it’s true, if I hadn’t already had a positive experience with LR products in the past, and someone offered them to me, even in good faith, I would probably hesitate, but after my experience and the fact that I attended seminars with LR doctors long before the cancer broke out, it was the obvious choice.

I always had the opportunity to consult with LR doctors and also with a doctor who uses LR products, and when my hair, eyelashes, that wonderful option, to sit down on the internet, to order L- recapin shampoo, tonic, eyelash serum, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, makeup, aloe shower gel, when the nausea came, to get the Figu activ potato soup, cocktail, to de-acidify with PROBALANC, (to watch my Ph), when I had radiation, when my white blood cells dropped during chemotherapy and thanks to taking reishi (3 x 3 daily) within a week they increased again, skin products, home first aid kit which I can’t let go of ( first aid box -spray, concentrate, propolis), now great fatigue, again the possibility to take MIND MATER and all this knowing that I am doing for my body in tuchv&ia cute; I am using products that are of the highest quality.

I am currently taking colostrum

Genetic diseases

My son was born with a rare genetic condition. He has a heart defect, atrial and ventricular septal defect, mental retardation, developmental dysphasia, delayed psychomotor development, and lactose intolerance after birth. She has immunodeficiency, severe hypotonia, esophageal reflux. Since 6 months due to recurrent rhinitis secondary always complicated by aspiration pneumonia, we started liquid colostrum and then added capsules. Within six months the morbidity was reduced to a minimum and when he did fall ill, the course was free of fevers and complications. He was fit within 3 days. We used the liquid colostrum in the pre- and post-operative period as a means for effective and rapid recovery. After heart surgery, our son was discharged in 6 days. An accompanying effect of the treatment was the modification of digestion to the extent that constipation disappeared and the son now tolerates a certain amount of lactose. I first discontinued the colostrum for six months at 3.5 years of age and noted the return of digestive difficulties, recurrent bronchitis and sinusitis. With the reintroduction, staying in the nursery became tolerable, and my son’s sickness decreased again. We are now taking mindmaster with positive effects on concentration, speech development. He is not so tired. Previously, after 4 hours in kindergarten, he slept the whole afternoon. Now he works without difficulty until the evening.

Mom from Domažlicek

Zkušenosti u zvířat


Tanja G.

We have a 9 year old dog named Niko, he is a boxer. We often had him unable to stand on his leg.He would always yelp and after a few minutes it seemed like everything was fine. We had str oh.

Our vet shared with us the suspected onset of osteoarthritis. His coat was not nice. After about six months of regular use of Aloe Vera gel (50 ml in his feed in the morning) the pain subsided. His coat has a beautiful shine and Niko has become much stronger. Every day we are happy that our Niko is happy, playful and most importantly healthy.

Stomach problems

Guido B

We have experience with Aloe Vera gel with our poodle Tim who is 11 years old. He has had stomach problems since he was very young.

A previous breeder had him eating rocks and broken glass outside. Because of this a large part of his stomach had to be removed. This resulted in stomach problems and vomiting. For six months we gave Tim Aloe Vera gel with honey along with his food. The results came, beautiful shiny coat, general condition also ; improved. The redness of his skin, poorly healing wounds, dandruff have disappeared, but most importantly he is no longer vomiting and his stomach problems have stopped.

We are very happy to have been recommended Aloe Vera gel with honey, it is well accepted by the animals as a natural dietary supplement.

Rejuvenation of the body

Andrea K.

Our cat Cindy is 15 years old and has been getting 10 ml of aloe vera gel from us every day for about three weeks. Why? Cindy has senility, was emaciated and almost exclusively slept and ate almost nothing. We then went to the vet and he gave her a homeopathic remedy which helped but was very expensive. He told us that we should now give her aloe vera juice daily with a syringe directly into her mouth. After three weeks Cindy is eating more, she has gained weight, her skin is shiny again and now most importantly, she is defending her territory (garden) as before, chasing the other cats and going for long walks. It seems to us as if our real old cat is younger. Aloe Vera is to blame 🙂 we are sure of that. Our cat gets a ration 1x a day and after all she is used to it.

We are convinced that our cat can live to a long age with Aloe Vera.

Skin rash of the dog

Frank N.

My experience with aloe vera in animals !!

We have a 12 year old Irish Setter, he recently had a rash that was extensive and very open (like a wound) due to scratching.

We used Aloe Vera spray with herbal essences and the scratched wound was better the next day and within 4 days our dog was healed.

Colic of the horse

Application at the horse “Rosalie”

For several years our mare Rosalie has been suffering from recurrent colic. This disease is common in animals and perhaps most of all in horses, where colic is one of the most common causes of death. This led us to Aloe Vera gel and its application to our Rosalie. We dosed 3 times a day, 100 ml of Aloe Vera gel and it was administered to her undiluted via syringe. After a short time, there was an improvement. The pain in the abdominal area started to subside and this within just 3-5 days. We continue to dose as a preventive measure.

Eczema of a pony

Alena B.

I have a 28 year old pony his affliction is that he scrubs, or scratches similar to people with eczema, when opened the spots are bleeding. In addition, this pony is already used to escaping from the clutches of black flies which cause a seeming itch, so he is constantly on the move from early morning to evening. Due to this extra he does not have a proper diet and rest.

As these symptoms naturally have a strong effect on the overall condition of the pony, we have tried various remedies and applications, but either under the supervision of a vet or from the experience of other horse owners we have also tried, the Aloe Vera first aid spray has worked out best. The pony’s coat has recovered, is a strong shiny coat and his general health has improved greatly and the pony seems happier.

I am absolutely delighted with the effect of the Aloe vera spray and will continue to use it.


Diarrhoea of a dog

Alena B.

I have a 28 year old pony jI have a dog Shi-tzu 14 years old, one day he got crazy diarrhea and could not even stand, he was not able to drink, he pooped every now and then, his tummy was cramping, and since I know what great probiotics can do, which I give to my children for infectious diarrhea, so I emptied one capsule and put it in a syringe of water and gave it to the dog,within an hour he calmed down and even fell asleep,by morning he had no more problems,his bowels calmed down beautifully and we didn’t have to go to the vet,where he would only get antibiotics and who knows what else. Stool the next day nice and stiff with no smell. So don’t be afraid to give your pets probiotics at all. I can’t afford them.

Petraeus’ affliction is that he scrubs, or scratches, much like people with eczema, and when opened, the spots bleed. In addition, this pony is already used to escaping from the clutches of black flies which cause a seeming itch, so he is constantly on the move from early morning to evening. Due to this extra he does not have a proper diet and rest.

As these symptoms naturally have a strong effect on the overall condition of the pony, we have tried various remedies and applications, but either under the supervision of a vet or from the experience of other horse owners we have also tried, the Aloe Vera first aid spray has worked out best. The pony’s coat has recovered, is a strong shiny coat and his general health has improved greatly and the pony seems happier.

I am absolutely delighted with the effect of the Aloe vera spray and will continue to use it.